The world as we know it is…dclogo pretty much the same as before. But that hasn’t stopped us from preparing like it’s going to end tomorrow.

From film to TV, the “end of the world” continues to gain attention, and as it grows so does the Apocalypse Rising Track. Alien overlords have taken control of your planet? No problem! Devastating storms cut through a small town and level it? We got this! The undead horde is continually breaking through your barriers? Please, give us a challenge!

So get prepared for the end as we cover everything from how to fend off a zombie apocalypse – real or imagined – to what to eat and how to keep yourself safe during the end times. In addition to Q&A’s with the stars of The 100, we’ll also be talking 12 Monkeys, The Walking Dead, and more with fellow fans.

And then there’s our late night programming! The Annual Zombie Walk and Zombie Prom return to Friday night, and our panels are going later than ever before as we discuss the more mature themes of the apocalypse.

So gear up, bug out, and prepare to be entertained!




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