Bethany Kesler

Historian, writer, reader/reviewer, and cat wrangler, Bethany has a hand in several projects. From the Patreon she runs for her short stories to the book and media reviews she blogs for Murderboarding, Inc and, among others. To working with the programming committees for some smaller local cons. She also tutors and does workshops on historical topics, how to do research for non-history majors, and good historical worldbuilding by request and at several conventions. One of her short stories was published by Alban Lake Publishing, a weird mix of actual history and the Cthulhu mythos. She’s got two novels she’s writing, one is a fun exploration of what happens if you put King Arthur in space and the other one is a semi-serious look at what happens when magic ends the world. She can be found all over the internet, but primarily at or on Twitter @DorothyJoanGray.