“Eternal Zan” Bowden

"Eternal Zan" Bowden

My con nickname is Eternal Zan (rhymes with “fan snowed-in”.) I’ve been a Dragon Con attendee since 2003 and an Eternal Member since 2005. Dragon Con is my favorite convention!


I am a …

  • Regular contributor at www.esonetwork.com/category/eso-dragonkhan-report
  • Webmaster for www.DragonConEternalMembers.com
  • Founder of https://www.facebook.com/groups/DragonConEternalMembers
  • Admin for www.facebook.com/groups/DragonConRoomsGroup (Read the Pinned Post to find rooms and roommates)
  • Regular contributor at www.facebook.com/groups/DragonConNewbies and newbie tour guide since 2014
  • Parade group leader for the Eternal Members group and the Cult of Marriott Carpet group.
  • Organizer of Eternal Members charity fundraising efforts for Dragon Con’s Official charity, the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency (www.atlantacss.org)
  • Dragon Con Volunteer

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