Hawkings Austin

I’m a professional survivability engineer subject matter expert (SME). I contract to the Department of Defense (DoD), to provide input on design requirements for military acquisitions. Basically, I work to make sure military materials and installations work when the soldiers need them. Even if they’ve been subjected to Chemical, Biological, Radioactive Nuclide, or Nuclear Explosion (CBRNE) environments.

I’ve earned MS degrees in Nuclear Engineering, Plasma Physics, Material Science, Instrumentation, and Engineering Science. Most of my work in college was in fire, plasma injectors, and ablation shielding, with some rail guns thrown in for fun.

Since the 90’s, I worked in Natural Environments for NASA and then worked environments and survivability for Missile Defense (MDA and SMDC). Finally, I’ve worked for the Department of Defense for the last three and a half years. My serious DoD work is developing survivability requirements. I’ve got a few publications there, but they are all classified. I’m working on a declassified survivability handbook with inputs from Defense Threat Reduction Agency. On the side, I’ve managed a lot of civilian contract work including selling neutrons, modeling radiation, editing professional journals, and radiation testing.

I’m a Christian. I’m a husband. I’m a dad. I’m a writer. I’m an historian. I’m a fighter.

Frankly, I’ll talk about any of these subjects, for hours. I think prayer is our first, useful, survivability tool. I love my wife and kids and think the world of them. This year, I’ve gotten connected with Superversive Press and published a handful of fantasy novels. They are available from Amazon, so take a look. I’ve practiced martial arts for over 35 years. A whole lot of that has been devoted to swords, but I’m ranked in White Lotus Eagle Claw Kung Fu. And finally, I have studied military history for more than forty years. (Don’t bore me with modern stuff, after 1700 nothing interesting happened.)