Robert Royl

Lt. F.F./Paramedic Robert Royl

Robert is a 20yr veteran of the Emergency Services. He is expert in getting in way over his head and strongly adheres to the saying, “Action always beats reaction.” He has been a Firefighter for 20yrs, a Paramedic for 16 and a law enforcement officer for 12. He is also a Registered Nurse, ADN-RN and was assigned to the United States Marshal Service and served as a Special deputy United States Marshal Tactical Medic for almost 5yrs. He is one of the founding members of the Tactical Medic team he currently still serves on. His current assignment is Lt. Paramedic/Firefighter assigned to the Community Treatment Unit, a special response vehicle thats staffs Providers and Paramedics in the 911 system to mitigate calls in the field so the patient does not have to be taken to the hospital.

He serves as Chief Medical officer for a Non-profit called Project Hope for Ugandan Women. They specialize in providing free women’s and children’s health care to reduce childhood disease and Maternal Mortality in Busia Uganda. He is the Executive director for Frontier Medicine an additional non-profit that specializes in connecting people with medicines, treatments and doctors that their insurance or abilities are stopping them from receiving. He is an advocate for SCAN, the Save the Children Action Network. They advocate in america and globally for funding to provide education, safe birthing practices, pregnancy prevention & education for women and children. They are a Bipartisan group out of Washington DC. 

Certifications – Associates of Paramedicine EMT-P; Associates of Registered Nursing ADN-RN; Nationally cert. Firefighter NPQ-2, Arson Investigator, Infectious disease transport technician, Hazardous Materials Technician, State of Ga Law Enforcement Officer, Confined Space Technician.