Rox of Spazhouse

Roxanne Henkle aka Rox of Spazhouse is Need Coffee’s Director of Zine studies, as well as a long time podcaster on Weekend Justice and cohost on 50 Days of Dragon Con. Roxanne is the director of Spazhouse, Intuitive Research, specializing in research assistance for authors and writers.

Roxanne’s speciality is helping writers, authors, nonprofits, historic societies in the field of general research. 90% of all available information was created in the last few years and Roxanne knows where to find most of it. She is working with many startup companies performing searches on FDA approval, historic ancestry and patent searches as well as local history in Jacksonville, FL and upstate New York. Clients include, authors, Riverside Avondale Preservation, The National Society of the Colonial Dames, The Unique Geek, Need Coffee Dot Com, Jumping Fish, Apex Theatre and startups.

Roxanne’s research allowed her to become a favorite moderator and panelist at Dragon con over the years. Roxanne can be found in Alternative History (Foiled Fables, Occultism in Victorian Era, Adventuresome Women of the 19th Century, Man in the High Castle) Brit Track, (Terry Pratchett, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who), XTrack (Make the Bad Men Stop, Warehouse 13, Lost and Mr. Robot), Paranormal, Apocalypse Rising and recently on panels discussing research for writers. She is a well prepared researcher who delights the audience by bringing her own handouts.

Roxanne is also an art director, publisher and supporter in the zine world. She is the sponsor of the Jacksonville Public Library’s Zine collection which is the largest collection in the Southeast. She has published Need Coffee Dot Com’s zine “Derelict” that is now housed at the McMurdo Station Library as well as libraries throughout the Northeast, Midwest and in New York State. Her own title of zines Cthulhu Friends is published under the Spazhouse name.