Tony Gowell

Tony Gowell (Moderator)

Tony has been with Dragon Con for over 16 years, and is currently a Director for the Dragon Con Convention Office, and one of the Official Moderators for the convention; as well as other shows across North America. He has been a former casting assistant for various agencies in Atlanta; but is also a local actor for film, television, commercials, and website tutorials. He has worked on Rectify, Devious Maids, Killers, Due Date, The Internship, Life as We Know It, The Blind Side, Single Ladies, Necessary Roughness, Catching Fire, Drop Dead Diva, Franklin & Bash, Hall Pass, and The Vampire Diaries. With the meteoric popularity of all things undead, it’s important to mention his work on the hit film Zombieland and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Tony is most recognizable as one of the ‘barn walkers’, and is excited to talk to fans about his many on set experiences from his 9 different episodes of Seasons 1 & 2.


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