For Survival: First Aid
1:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Learn how to get basic training before disaster strikes, what supplies to begin stocking, and common mistakes to avoid. Looking toward longer or more severe disruptions, we will share advice for dealing with trauma injuries, limited supplies of medication, and alternative sources for supplies.
Moderator: Hans EckmanPanelists: Dr. Steven Novella, Robert Royl


Can the Zombie Apocalypse help you survive your IT projects?
2:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

We learn valuable lessons when we face impossible situations, and what is more impossible than a zombie apocalypse? Using disaster preparedness as a backdrop, we demonstrate the importance of root cause analysis, risk mitigation, project scoping, and more as foundations for overcoming challenges.
Presenter: Hans Eckman


The City of Light: The 100 Cast Q&A
2:30 PM (1 hr), Peachtree Ballroom (Westin)

Cast from the CW’s hit TV show answer your questions and discuss the past, present, and future of the 100.
Moderator: Robert PrenticeGuests: Jarod Joseph, Lindsey Morgan, Bob Morley


Into the Badlands: Fan Discussion Panel
4:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Renewed for a longer second season, fans lead a discussion on the political/social intricacies and complex mythologies of the vivid world that has come to be known as the Badlands.
Moderator: Shannon Chesnut; Panelists: Mari Mancusi, Robert Prentice, Abbey White, Zan Bowden


Complimentary Zombie Makeovers
4:00 PM (5 hrs), 6th Floor Overlook (Westin)

Seasoned FX professionals will again be providing COMPLIMENTARY zombie makeovers before the Zombie Walk and Zombie Prom! Though these are free makeovers, we strongly urge you to tip (generously, if you can) whomever does your makeup to help them cover the cost of supplies.
Artists: Rob Fitz (The Magic Parlor), Bethany Michel (Jackmonkey FX)


How Will It All End?
5:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Media has given a vast array of possible ways civilization may come to an end, and continues to provide new apocalyptic and disaster scenarios with increasing creativity. Our experts and panelists lead a discussion on the most likely – and unlikely – causes for The End.
Moderator: Hans Eckman; Panelists: Nick Eftimiades, Tedd Roberts, Jaym Gates


Apocalyptic Fantasy, Not Just Fiction
7:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Contemporary Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic genres tend to focus on present day or futuristic societies, but those aren’t the only worlds to explore. We take a look at what happens when a fantasy world of swords and sorcery finally meets its end.
Moderator: Tim Everett; Panelists: Amanda VanHiel, Jeremy Simpson, Mike Crocker, Dilyara Akhundov, Dawn Compton


Annual Zombie Walk
8:30 PM (1.5 hrs), Chastain F-H (Westin)

The undead horde once again takes to the streets of Atlanta in search of tasty, tasty brains. Click here for the route and additional details. (NOTE: participants MUST be in a zombie or zombie hunter costume).
Zombie Walk Leads: Shannon Chesnut, Scott Newton


Zombie Prom: 30th Reunion
10:00 PM (4 hrs), Grand Ballroom East-West (Hilton)

Hundreds of the decomposing horde gather to shimmy and shamble the night away. Stop by to lurch across the dance floor, grab a quick prom photo, or possibly even be crowned Prom King or Queen. Click here for the route and additional details.
Guest DJ: Marc J Cubs