Now We Survive: The 100 Cast Q&A
1:00 PM (1 hr), Centennial II-III (Hyatt)

Cast from the CW’s hit TV show answer your questions and discuss the past, present, and future of The 100. 
Moderator: Aaron J. SagersGuests: Richard Harmon, Christopher Larkin, Zach McGowan, Tasya Teles


Prepping 101 – Getting Started and Expanding Survival
1:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

It is important to create a survival plan and start increasing your survival duration and scope. But where do you start without going crazy or broke? Our experts answer your questions on how to go from a simple 3-day supply to long-term survival. 
Moderator: Jaym GatesPanelists: David Harmer, Larry Correia, Rob Royl


Bug Out Bags and Where to Take Them
2:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Experts discuss how to select a bag, selecting equipment based on the type of emergency, building bags for different locations (everyday carry, car, home), and the pros/cons of buying a pre-made kit. Also covered will be best practices and common mistakes when bugging out. 
Moderator: Hans Eckman; Panelists: Michael Z. WilliamsonGriffin Barber, Rob Royl


Unstoppable: A Conversation w/ Jonathan Maberry
4:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Arguably best known for his zombie-themed suspense novels, he has a talent for bringing the undead to life. A New York Times best-selling and multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author, Jonathan Maberry talks about his work – past, present, and future..
Moderator: Jaym GatesGuest: Jonathan Maberry


Complimentary Zombie Make-Overs
4:00 PM (5 hrs), TBD (Westin)

Have your undead self brought to life by professional FX artists offering complimentary zombie make-overs. (NOTE: Lines can be long, and tipping is encouraged to cover material costs of the artists). 
FX Artists: Rob Fitz, Bethany Michel (JackmonkeyFX)


Zombies: Surviving the Modern Age
5:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

What is needed to keep zombies relevant, especially in today’s political and pop culture climate? Authors and experts in the genre discuss this issue, as well as how to keep the genre fresh amidst the zombie-boom of the past few years. 
Moderator: Aaron J. Sagers; Panelists: Anthony Taylor, Jonathan MaberryNancy Holzner, John D. Ringo


The World of the Walking Dead: Fan Discussion Panel
7:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

The comic so riveting that it spawned a TV show, and a TV show that was so successful it led to a hit prequel. We discuss what’s new and what’s to come in both TV shows and the comic, including the most recent seasons of “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead”.
Moderator: Emma Loggins; Panelists: Jesse JacksonMorgan A. McLaughlin McFarlandJohn Keegan


Annual Zombie Walk
8:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

The undead horde once again takes to the streets of Atlanta in search of tasty, tasty brains. Shambling from the Westin to the Hilton, and everywhere in between, it’s sure to be a time worth dying for. (NOTE: participants MUST be in a zombie or zombie hunter costume) 


Zombie Prom
10:00 PM (4 hrs), Grand Salon (Hilton)

The one night of Dragon Con when the decomposing horde reigns! Stop by to shimmy and shamble across the dance floor, lurch into a prom photo, or possibly even be crowned Prom King or Queen.
Lvl Up Entertainment Presents DJ D-Cal featuring D’Vinci