12 Monkeys: Fan Discussion Panel
11:30 AM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Not your average time-traveling show, this twisty post-apocalyptic tale is as compelling as it is confusing. We try to sort out what the heck happened in Season 3, speculate on Season 4, and guide a discussion on the finer points of this ingeniously crafted show. 
Moderator: Abbey WhitePanelists: John KeeganRobert PrenticeRuna Saha


After the Storm: We Will Rebuild
1:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). Humanity has demonstrated the ability to rebuild after disasters in the past, but what would that look like with today’s complex infrastructure? Our expert panelists cover everything from food/water to societal and government structures. 
Moderator: Jaym Gates; Guests: John D. RingoGail Z. MartinDr. Charles E. GannonMika McKinnon


Blood and Bruises On A Budget: A Beginner’s Frugal Guide to Apocalyptic Makeup
2:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Love the gory side of makeup but have a limited budget? Our professional FX artist (and guests) offers herself up as tribute and, as someone who started with next to no funds, will share her first-hand knowledge on the art of bruises, bones, scrapes and cuts on a budget. 
Presenter: Bethany Michel (Jackmonkey FX)


War Is Here: The 100 Cast Q&A
2:30 PM (1 hr), Peachtree Ballroom (Westin)

Cast from the CW’s hit TV show answer your questions and discuss the past, present, and future of The 100. 
Moderator: Robert Prentice; Guests: Richard HarmonChristopher LarkinZach McGowanTasya Teles


Into the Badlands: Fan Discussion Panel
4:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

With so much that happened in Season 2, and an expanded third season next year, there’s a lot to talk about! We discuss the political/social intricacies, fascinating mythologies, and other complex aspects of the characters and stories in the Badlands.
Moderator: Robert PrenticePanelists: Mari MancusiAbbey WhiteJesse Jackson


The Craft of Dystopia
5:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Experts from a variety of media outlets lend insight into the difference between the post-apocalyptic and dystopian genres, as well as discuss what makes dystopian stories so compelling and unique. Is the genre popularizing due to its perceived relevancy to today, or is there something more? 
Moderator: Abbey White; Panelists: Michael BunkerBen FisherC.B. LeeTaylor Brooke


Behind The Scenes: The Cast and Crew of The Walking Dead
7:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Ever wonder what it’s like on the set of “The Walking Dead”, or wonder what it’s like to play a zombie? Well wonder no more! Our panelists have gathered to shed some light on and answer your questions about what it’s like to work on this hit show. 
Moderator: Emma LogginsGuests: Aron SiegelMolly CoffeeCooper AndrewsMatt Rodriguez 


Tactical First Aid and Trauma Response
8:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Learn from an SRT Paramedic who handles emergencies under the worst scenarios. Topics to be discussed: stabilizing wounded in an active shooter situation, triage after a disaster, treating trauma injuries, stopping blood loss, personal med kits, and alternative treatments when there are no doctors. 
Moderator: Hans Eckman; Panelists: Rob RoylGriffin Barber