100 Years of Zombie Evolution in Pop Culture
10:00 AM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Zombies weren’t always the virus-created speedsters that we know today. Our experts take a look at the popular origin of zombies and discuss the various incarnations they’ve taken on the evolutionary path to today’s stereotypical zombie, as well as where they may go in the future.
Moderator: Nathan HamiltonPanelists: Anthony Taylor, Jaym Gates, Dan JolleyMadeleine Roux


Behind the Scenes: The Walking Dead
11:30 AM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Take a peak behind the curtain as our cast and crew share stories and secrets from the sets of AMC’s The Walking Dead and Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: The Game.
Moderator: Tony GowellGuests: Aron Siegel, Dave Fennoy, Molly Coffee, Keith Brooks


For Surival: Weaponry
1:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Experts answer questions and join in common arguments around the best weapons for the apocalypse. We’ll cover everything from self-defense and the law to how you should protect yourself from every day common threats, as well as discussing home defense tactics, bugging out, and weapons and caliber.
Moderator: Hans EckmanPanelist: David Harmer, F. Wayne Thompson


There’s Still Hope: The 100 Cast Q&A
1:00 PM (1 hr), Peachtree Ballroom (Westin)

Cast from the CW’s hit TV show answer your questions and discuss the past, present, and future of the 100.
Moderator: Robert PrenticeGuests: Jarod Joseph, Lindsey Morgan, Bob MorleySachin Sahel


Bringing Out the Dead: Zombie Makeup 101
2:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Watch a professional FX Artist with over 20 years in the business give a live, step-by-step demonstration on how to take yourself from living to dead. Tips and tricks will be given for all levels and questions are welcome.
Presenter: Rob Fitz


The Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse
4:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

From Katniss to Clarke and beyond, now more than ever female characters are taking the end of days head on. Discuss the increasing presence of heroines in apocalyptic media, as well as paying tribute to those characters that helped pave the way.
Moderator: TBD; Panelists: Mari Mancusi, Faith Hunter, Richard Kadrey, Tim Everett


Zombies, Aliens, and Monkeys… Oh SyFy!
5:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

In recent years SyFy has embraced the post-apocalyptic and/or dystopian future as a network, and we the viewers get to reap the benefits. Fan panelists discuss SyFy’s world ending lineup – both new and old – covering everything from 12 Monkeys to Z Nation.
Moderator: Shannon Chesnut; Panelist: John Keegan, Michael T. Ahr, Curtis Chevalier, Abbey WhiteRobert Prentice


Mad Max Fandom: You Are Awaited
7:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Fans and cosplayers ride the Fury Road and discuss all thing Mad Max, from Thunderdome to beyond. There will be costumes, questions, trivia, and more. So prepare yourself for one crazy ride of a panel, because you are awaited.
Moderator: Jared Butler; Panelists: Dave “Max” Giovanni, Jim “the TANK” Dorsey, Curtis Chevalier