Colony: Fan Discussion Panel
10:00 AM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Not just another alien invasion story, this USA Network’s popular TV show focuses more on the humans than the aliens. And so will we as we discuss the events of Season 2, the Bowman Family, and the fate of not just the bloc, but the world. 
Moderator: Alison Sky RichardsPanelists: Jesse JacksonRobert PrenticeAaron DunneJohn Keegan


Surviving a Biological Apocalypse
11:30 AM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Sure it’s fun to plan for the zombie apocalypse or a global disaster, but some of today’s most realistic threats are biological. Experts discuss biological threats from movies and science that could cause The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI). 
Moderator: Hans Eckman; Panelists: Steven NovellaRob RoylRobert E. Hampson


Darkness Is All We Have Left: The 100 Cast Q&A
1:00 PM (1 hr), Peachtree Ballroom (Westin)

Cast from the CW’s hit TV show answer your questions and discuss the past, present, and future of The 100. 
Moderator: Robert PrenticeGuests: Richard HarmonChristopher LarkinZach McGowanTasya Teles


A Ladies’ Guide to the Apocalypse
1:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

From Katniss to Furiosa and beyond, now more than ever female characters are taking the end of days head on. Discuss the increasing presence of heroines in apocalyptic media, as well as paying tribute to those characters that helped pave the way. 
Moderator: Tara Lynne; Panelists: Diana PeterfreundBethany KeslerMarina Fontaine


The Handmaid’s Tale: Fan Discussion Panel
2:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum. A story that is as relevant now as the day it was written. We discuss the eerily timely themes of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel and review Offred’s journey thus far in the Hulu’s critically acclaimed adaptation. 
Moderator: Steven Denham; Panelists: Sue KisenwetherZan BowdenJennifer WinterRoseSarah DenhamChristine Silver


Weapons of the Apocalypse
4:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Weapons and tactics from a breakdown in law and order to a post-apocalyptic world. Firearms and calibers? Katana or machete? Defending your home? Defense is more than possession of the right weapons. It’s also the tools, techniques, and mindset to know when and how to use them.
Moderator: Hans EckmanPanelists: David Harmer


Bringing Out the Dead: Zombie Makeup and You
5:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

Watch a professional FX Artist with over 20 years in the business give a live, step-by-step demonstration on how to take yourself from living to dead. Tips and tricks will be given for all levels and questions are welcome.  
Presenter: Rob Fitz


An Hour with Michael Rooker
5:30 PM (1 hr), Centennial II-III (Hyatt)

The character on “The Walking Dead” that you most loved to hate, Michael Rooker joins us for a one-on-one to discuss everything from aliens to zombies. 
Moderator: Christopher “Crispy” Lloyd; Guest: Michael Rooker


How to Survive an Apocalyptic Movie
7:00 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

We’ve all watched those movies and thought, “What are they doing? That would never happen!” Our experts agree and are ready to discuss your favorite apocalyptic movies/scenes and determine how real these scenarios are, what they got right/wrong, and what would be the best action. 
Moderator: Jaym Gates; Panelists: David HarmerNick EftimiadesRobert E. Hampson


Apocalyptic Throwdown: Aliens vs Zombies
8:30 PM (1 hr), Chastain F-H (Westin)

That most ancient of debates returns, but this time with a twist! Our experts will randomly select a location and apocalyptic scenario, put their fighting gloves on, and debate who would be victorious… Aliens or Zombies!   
Panelists: Widget WallsKeith R. A. De CandidoAlison Sky RichardsRobert E. Hampson