Shannon is our fearless leader. This is her billionth year at DC and millionth year as a volunteer. Doesn’t she look great for her age?!









Sam is fabulous. This is her Nth year at con and Nth (we’ve lost count) year on the AR track. Her work in  special education at a public school makes her prepared to survive any apocalypse.









Enthusiastic Dragon Con veteran and now veteran staffer, Lauren is excited to indulge her love for all things apocalyptic and help others to enjoy the Con as much as she does.









Micheal is really just your average child of the 80’s geek.  Mostly he is Dr. Sheldon Cooper, except for being not as smart, not as well educated, not as good looking, and slightly more socially awkward.









Scott is our resident A/V guru and level head. Watch for him to swoop in at any given moment to save the day from technical disasters and unruly lines everywhere!