Z Walk

The zombie horde is coming… and you can join them!

The Annual Dragon Con Zombie Walk will be happening again this year and we’re calling all undead – and those that like to kill the undead – to join us.

ROUTE: See a full size route map here

Zombies Silhouette by GDJ


BONUS! Our good friends, FX Professionals Rob Fitz and Bethany Michel, will be giving complimentary zombie make-overs starting at 4 PM Friday. They will be set up in Chastain H. Lines tend to form, so please plan accordingly. The Walk will leave promptly at 9 PM and unfortunately we can’t wait for you to finish getting zombified.

Rob and Bethany are providing these makeovers as a free service, however it is not free for them. Supplies are expensive, so please remember to (generously, if you can) tip your makeup artist to help them offset the cost of the supplies.


Still have questions? No problem, because we have answers! You can find our Zombie Walk FAQ here. If you still have questions after that, please feel free to e-mail us at apocalypse@dragoncon.org