Z Walk FAQ


What time should I show up?

Please arrive at Chastain F-H (6th Floor in the Westin) by 8:30 PM. We will have a brief orientation at 8:30 PM, organize for a group photo, and then begin the walk at 9 PM. The walk should last about an hour and will end at the Zombie Prom between 9:45 and 10 PM.


What route is the Zombie Walk taking?

The walk will leave from Chastain F-H in the Westin at 9 PM, making its way to the Hilton Grand Salon.

You can find a map of the route and step-by-step directions here. We will be mainly walking outside, around the host hotels, so please plan accordingly for the Atlanta heat and humidity. Hydration is key!


I don’t want to participate in the Walk, but I want to take photos of my kid/significant other/grandma/etc. Should I show up at Chastain F-H before the walk to do that?

NO! Please don’t, as the area around the track room will already be congested with the shambling horde. There are many places along the route to take some great photos, and there will be a group photo at the end of the Walk outside of the Hilton Grand Salon.


Do I have to be in costume to participate?

YES. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the walk you must be recognizably costumed as a zombie or zombie hunter in order to participate. We will be keeping an eye out for non-costumed attendees and asking them to exit the meeting area and/or Walk. The exception to this is if you are an adult that is accompanying a minor who is participating in the walk. Minor must be costumed, adult does not have to be. Though, really, why wouldn’t you want to be?


But I have no idea how to dress like a zombie?!

Not a problem! Our good friends, FX Professionals Rob Fitz and Bethany Michel will be giving complimentary zombie make-overs starting at 4 PM Friday afternoon. They will be set up on the 6th Floor Overlook (by the America’s Mart entrance). Lines do tend to form, so please plan accordingly as the Walk will leave promptly at 9 PM and unfortunately we can’t wait for you to finish getting zombified.

Rob and Bethany are providing these makeovers as a free service, however it is not free for them. Supplies are expensive, so please remember to (generously, if you can) tip your makeup artist to help them offset the cost of the supplies.