Z Walk Route


2016 Zombie Walk Route

2016 Zombie Walk Route (click for larger image)



Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Exit the east side of the Westin.
  2. Cross Peachtree, heading toward Hooters.
  3. Turn left and cross Andrew Young International Blvd
  4. Proceed along Peachtree St, heading north
  5. Cross John Portman Blvd, continue north along Peachtree St.
  6. Turn Right onto Baker St
  7. Continue east on Baker St
  8. Turn Right onto Peachtree Center Avenue
  9. Continue south on Peachtree Center Avenue
  10. Turn left onto John Portman Blvd, crossing over Peachtree Center Avenue
  11. Continue east along John Portman Blvd
  12. Cross Courtland St
  13. Turn left onto Courtland St
  14. Continue north along Courtland St
  15. Arrive at the Hilton Towers