Z Walk Route



     Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Exit the East side of the Westin
  2. Turn Left along Peachtree St NW
  3. Cross Andrew Young International Blvd, heading towards Pittypat’s Porch.
  4. Proceed along Peachtree St NW, heading North
  5. Cross John Portman Blvd NE
  6. Turn Right on John Portman Blvd, crossing over Peachtree St NW
  7. Proceed along John Portman Blvd, passing the Hyatt and Marriott Marquis
  8. Cross Courtland Street NE, heading towards the Hilton Atlanta
  9. Turn Left on Courtland Street NE
  10. Continue North along Courtland St NE
  11. Arrive at the Hilton Atlanta